Vintage Warehouse is your marketplace to sell your household furnishings. We consign: antique furniture, new furniture, and accessories. We do not consign: lamps, art, glass of any sort, rugs, electronics, and mattress and box springs. Acceptance of your items is based on condition, ability for us to resell it, and space availability.

You can either email a picture of your item/items to or you can text a photo to 863-644-7976. If you have small items, you can bring them into the warehouse during hours of operation. We do not have a pick up service for your items.

Prices are negotiated between the Vintage Warehouse and the consignor. We put your top and bottom asking price on your agreement sheet and we won’t go below your bottom price. We make every effort to get your top asking price.

Although we do our very best to sell your items, sometimes they don’t sell. The consigned item is your property until 90 days after it has been at the warehouse. After 90 days, we will call you to pick it up or we can donate it to a charity of our choice. If you don’t pick it up, it will go to a charity.

Consignors receive 50% of the final resale price. Checks are mailed immediately after the final sale.

On a side note, we do look at estates. We can either purchase items from you, or we can consign them.